Matt Elphick

Hey, I’m Matt, a full-stack developer who enjoys working with people to make products to solve problems.

I also make a lot of small projects to learn new things and make useful things.

You can read more about me here, or see all the things I make and write down below.

Debugging an issue with testing a react native application being built for the web.
Emojis are cool, and coming up with favicons ideas is tricky, what if we bring the two together?
Pretty unstructured ramblings as I try to make sense of Rust.
A detailed breakdown of one of my projects, an API for the game Temtem.
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Postgres short snippets


Showcase snippet


A chrome extension to easily view who's live on Youtube and Twitch, made for a friend, and to see what the Chrome Extension development and publishing pipeline was like.

JavaScript|Chrome Extension

A desktop app made with neutralino.js that allows a Twitch Chat to use chat commands to do commands on a PC. Has a variety of options, such as democracy vs anarchy mode.


I sign off standups with dumb things, this helps me with the alliteration.


An extension for Twitch shows tournament information from without leaving the stream. The extension allows the streamer to set a tournament event, and a default bracket to show. Viewers will get a view of the bracket that they can drag around to see, and can also easily view other brackets in the same event too, all without leaving the stream!


An extension for Twitch that allow a streamer's viewers to see their build and equipment, with tooltips to give more details.

It also uses a MongoDB proxy for the Guild Wars 2 API to stop encountering issues with rate limiting, and to provide faster responses.


The latest iteration of my own personal site to write blog posts and showcase projects, using MDX and Next.js.


Deck Game

A game built with Lua and LÖVE - about using cards to beat bosses. You can find copies of the game here on GitHub.


Dessa is a Guild Wars 2 plugin. Designed to send Mumble Link data and ArcDPS data via websockets to make it publicly available.


A link shortener, that stores shortened links as GitHub issues, and tracks views as comments, and updates via a GitHub action to keep redirects speedy.


An app and a website, allowing sending push notifications to phones to open deeplinks in other apps.


Safely check who played a character in a TV show or movie, without any risk of spoilers, like how many episodes/seasons they're in.


Pretty much Heads Up! with lists of video games, movies, and TV shows. Uses web APIs like vibration and gyro.


A game to see if you can recognise the theme music of video games, movies, or TV shows - or at least what a youtube search for the theme comes up with.


A place to watch as many twitch streams, twitch chats, or youtube videos as you want, however you want. Add items as tiles, and resize them, drag and drop them, however you want. It saves what you're watching and the layouts to your browser, and creates a sharable URL. An idea suggested by a friend, that I implemented in ~2 days.


A tool for Guild Wars 2 that lets you find duplicates across your inventories and bank tabs (and guild stashes if you want) that you could stack.


Invocation Game

A game about pressing buttons.


A quick site I made from a conversation with someone, about collecting business owners experiences with banks during the Coronavirus pandemic. It was inspired in part by this website tracking how brands have treated their staff.


A website that allows people to join a room, and vote for a button to be pressed, that will be sent to an electron tray app running on a computer. Inspired by Twitch Plays where stream viewers have control over the streamed content.


A website to track collections and share custom designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


A website to track caught creatures in Temtem as well as progress on quests, and to automatically track what Temtem you encounter.


A JSON API to return data about the game Temtem from the Official Wiki, that is updated every 4 hours.


A tool for crafting in Final Fantasy XIV, that allows you to put in items that you have, and it will tell you what items you can craft from them.


A game where you and a group of friends join a room, and everyone besides one person get given a word. People then have to go around and give a hint about the word, without being too obvious, as even the person who doesn't know the word has to give a hint. Then, the players have to choose who doesn't know the word, while the person who didn't know the word gets to guess the word.